Entry to Management

Entry to Management is Northern Ireland's longest established Graduate Development Programme, running for over twenty years and supported by the Department for the Economy

Entry to Management

What is Entry to Management? ​
Entry to Management is Northern Ireland’s longest Graduate Development Programme, running for over twenty years and supported by the Department for the Economy. The Entry programme is designed to provide unique opportunities for graduates and employers alike, the key focus is to grow results and build talent. 

Last year 97% of graduates gained Full-Time employment upon completion of the programme.

Grow Results
The Entry to Management programme grows results through matching successful graduates with employers. This facilitates the opportunity for the graduate to grow and develop in a management role while delivering on a specific business improvement project, injecting new ideas and results into the organisation. The programme is targeted at driving success through innovation and building the leadership and management capacity in the Northern Irish economy. 

Build Talent
Talent development is a critical part of successful economic growth. Successful graduates will complete a period of industrial employment which will support them in their first step into a management and a leadership role.  Throughout their period of employment (24 weeks) they will be required to deliver on a business improvement project which will be agreed prior to the employment commencing. Graduates will complete a Chartered Management Institute Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management during the programme which will focusing on the development of their professional and personal skills.  Throughout their journey the Graduate will be mentored by a business professional. 

Apply Now 

Applications are now open. Don't hesitate and apply today! If you are successful open days and interviews will follow in due course.

For more information please email: entrytomanagement@serc.ac.uk or call 07769 216643.