Ian Thompson

Cooking and baking with military precision Ian has a passion for cooking with locally sourced high quality ingredients.

A picture of chef Ian Thompson.

Ian Thompson

What is your name?

Ian Thompson

What class do you teach and at what level?

Professional Cookery and Professional Bakery Level 2

What is your background?

During my catering career I have worked in most aspects of the industry, including the Military, schools, healthcare, Business and Industry, Hotels, restaurants, Event catering and a Gold Mine!

How long have you been working at SERC?

18 years.

What is your go to comfort meal at home?

A roast chicken dinner with my family.

Who is your favourite famous Chef?

Probably James Martin or Raymond Blanc. Both down to earth chefs with incredible ability.

What is the most essential item in your kitchen?

My food processor to take the hard work out of the tedious tasks and a sharp knife!

What is your food heaven?

Simple food done well. So, any good quality meat, fish or poultry and vegetables that have not been processed until it is no longer recognisable.

What is your food hell?