Paul Monaghan

Paul has over 25 years experience and keeps a sharp knife but has a even sharper eye for detail when crafting beautiful pastries and desserts.

A picture of chef Paul Monaghan.

Paul Monaghan

What is your name?

Paul Monaghan

What class do you teach and at what level?

Level 2 Culinary Skills

Level 3 Professional Cookery, Patisserie and Confectionary

BTEC Level 3 Dip in Hospitality

Level 4 Dip Hospitality Management and a Foundation Degree in Tourism, Hospitality and Events

What is your background?

I have 25 years experience working in the industry in a number of high profile locations as Head Chef and Executive Chef, before returning to Ulster University to take BSc Hons Culinary Arts Management and progressing from part time teaching to full time lecturer position.

How long have you been working at SERC?

4 years part time and 7 years full time – based in Bangor.

What is your industry experience?

Parliament Building, Stormont Estate – Executive Chef – 4yrs

Belfast Waterfront Hall – Head Chef - 11yrs

What is your go to comfort meal at home?

My wife’s lasagne – especially leftovers reheated the next day.

Who is your favourite famous Chef?

Massimo Bottura – for his stripped back honest cooking.

What is the most essential item in your kitchen?

1 really good quality heavy chef knife – I’ve had it 20yrs and no one else is allowed to use it.

What is your food heaven?

Any seafood, but especially oysters – really fresh and natural straight from the shell.

What is your food hell?

Brussell sprouts – I eat 3 a year at Christmas just to remind me why I hate them!

If you had the chance, which person, dead or alive, would you invite to your dinner party and what would you serve?

Probably Johnny Cash – I cooked for him shortly before he died and he gave some good feedback. I’d love the chance to chat with him and hear a few songs. I would cook him my interpretation of his favourite southern dishes – catfish, meatloaf and fried chicken.