Tom McCluney

Seafood loving Tom is at home in the kitchen and is an inspiration to watch. His famous home Lasagne is a college favourite.

A picture of chef Tom McCluney.

Tom McCluney

What is your name?

Thomas McCluney

What class do you teach and at what level?

Culinary Skills L2 Catering

NVQ L3 Catering

NVQ L2 Catering

NVQ L1 Catering

Schools Links classes

Part time and evening classes

What is your background?

I have been a chef since leaving school at 16 in 1986 and have been in the catering and hospitality industry for 32 years.

How long have you been working at SERC?

6 Years

What is your industry experience?

I have worked in various catering establishments including the Quarry Inn, Private hospitals, The Adleboden Lodge, The Stables (Groomsport) and Mount Charles catering at Stormont, Castle Buildings & Interpoint. This was during the time of the signing of the Good Friday agreement in 1998. Head chef at The Ulster Reform Club (Belfast) for 14 years and currently SERC. I took time out from being a chef and was cabin crew for 3 years with airlines Inter European Airways and Airtours International.

What is your go to comfort meal at home?

Homemade Lasagne, garlic bread, chunky chips and Mixed Salad!

Who is your favourite famous Chef?

Michael Roux as he is an inspiration to watch.

What is the most essential item in your kitchen?

My knives and my blender.

What is your food heaven?

Turbot and Scallops and cream-based sauces.

What is your food hell?

Marzipan (Yuk)

If you had the chance, which person, dead or alive, would you invite to your dinner party and what would you serve?

My Mum and Dad who are in heaven, Paul Weller from The Jam and Michael Roux. I would serve for them a roast beef dinner with giant Yorkshire puddings which were my Mum’s favourite.