Student Pop Up Company selling custom hand sanitizer and jewellery

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We decided on the name Athena as it is related to the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, we felt this would suit our company as we are two empowered females running a business together.

We are focused on making jewellery out of recycled material and providing hand sanitiser that is safe as well as smells great. 

We will be selling  personalised hand sanitiser with your choice of scent and what it contains for example glitter or gems.

The second product we will be offering is custom earrings - have the chance in making the perfect pair for yourself or we have a range of pre made earrings, all of which will be made by hand and we will be offering a large range of designs.

As our business develops we would like to look at expanding to seasonal gift sets for example, Christmas themed gift sets with cinnamon scented hand sanitiser and present earrings.  

Price range £4-£20 accounting for singular or box set items   Contact: To place an order please use the email provided. Send a quick email to request more details of individual products. State any specific personalisation you would like in the product eg specific scents, gems, charms etc. Email Elise on

  • Founded:2020
  • Lecturer:Gillian Auld
  • Contact:Elise at
  • Course:Level 3 National Diploma in Business
  • Campus:Bangor
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There are currently no open positions.