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Your data rights are just as important as your human rights. Here at Secure IT, we offer various services such as the diagnoses of potential process as well as preventing them ever happening.

Bronze - Our lowest tier of service, we offer is a 15-minute analysis of your device from our knowledgeable engineers, as well as a short talk about how to maintain the security of your device.

Silver - The second tier of service we offer is a fairly thorough 30 minute analysis of your device, which includes a professional configuration of your Anti-Virus settings (including personal firewall), as well as a discussion on your online safety, this will include how to know what websites you visit are safe, as well as how secure your password is.

Gold – This is the highest tier of service we offer and it includes everything in the silver package as well as a guidance about implementing data backups to ensure that if an issue happens, a ransomware for example, then your data will still be accessible so that you do not lose any of your intellectual property.

Just to show you how important the rights to your personal data are, 19 people fall victim to identity fraud every minute, identity fraud is not just having a malicious user make a fake Facebook account of yourself, this could also be someone taking out a loan of thousands upon thousands of pounds in your name. 

Located in Lisburn, Secure IT will be offering timeslots on Tuesday. For further information or to book an appointment contact:

  • Founded:2020
  • Lecturer:Paula Kirkwood
  • Course:Computing
  • Campus:Lisburn
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Open Positions

 No current vacancies - however expressions of interest can be sent to: