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Big Apprenticeship Job Fair

The Big Apprenticeship Job Fair recently took place at SPACE Campus, Bangor on Thursday 21 June. The event offered visitors the chance to meet potential employers face-to-face and discover what apprenticeships are available.

The Event, organised by SERC’s Training Organisation in conjunction with local employers, offered school leavers and visitors the chance to find out more about local apprenticeship opportunities starting from September 2018. The event promoted the College’s range of apprenticeship options available to young people and is suitable for both A Level and GCSE school leavers.

The event is designed to showcase the opportunities available in the local area and to open visitors minds to the huge variety of apprenticeships on offer in their community. SERC’s Careers Advisors will also be on hand to offer expert advice for those undecided about which route to take and can help with things such as interview techniques and compiling CV’s. Numerous employers including The Salty Dog, Grahams, Herron Bros, Befab Engineering, Magellan Aerospace, Little Stars Nursey, Mount Charles Group, Pier 36 and The Culloden Estate and Spa will be recruited at the event.


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