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Life at college is so much more than just sitting in a classroom, with incredible facilities, fantastic support and some amazing activities right on your doorstep. Hear what our students have had to say...

Orlaigh Rice

Orlaigh Rice

"I come from a farming background and from no age, I always knew that I wanted a job that was hands on, and after a bit of research into a range of courses, I knew the Civil Engineering Apprenticeship was the route for me. My mum was a bit hesitant at the start – I suppose because I was at Assumption Grammar School, it was just assumed I would continue with A levels and go on to university. However, I know this was the right pathway for me after my GCSEs. I secured employment with Felix O’Hare & Co. and I am out working every day and once a week I am at College. I am now in my second year and haven’t looked back. I plan to go on and do my Higher Level Apprenticeship.”

"I love the mix of being in SERC one day a week and then out and about with work. Currently I am involved in a job at Queen’s University Belfast where I am taking levels and setting out for a new lecture theatre which requires marking out the floor for the seating to be installed. I have also been involved in setting out the levels for a road before tarmac is applied. Moving on to the next project I hope to assist and learn about setting out the structure for the building including foundations, walls, and beams."

"At work and College, I am learning all the time and building on my skills including computer assisted design (CAD) which I use as part of my everyday role. The classes are smaller, so I think you get to learn from what other apprentices are working on and there is one to one support if you need it from the lecturing team."

"You are continually learning at work and as you get more skilled you get to take on a bit more responsibility. Earning whilst I learn was one of the incentives for taking the apprenticeship route. I am bringing home a wage each week and managing my own finances which includes keeping a car on the road."

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