A viable business that generates an income whilst upskilling students. The opportunity to make a profit margin that can be used to buy resources for the company making it self-sufficient.

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The project is designed to save the lives of fishing trawler personnel involved with casting out nets which has inherent dangers. This is achieved though the development of a computer program with several algorithms which automatically detect net rope characteristics including stretch. Currently, fishing trawler nets are lowered into the sea using four winch drums, monitored by at least two operators.

A winch operator who controls all four winch drums, depends on information provided by each operator and subsequently adjusts the rate at which rope is dispatched through each drum. ANCPOS would negate the need for these operators reducing the risk of death or injury.

The project secured £1k of funding from Seafish NI and NIFPO which has been used to develop a desk-based prototype. The apprentices are now in their final year of studies and further funding is required to support the next stage of development from desktop to full-size model. This will involve the design and build of a full-scale winch and modifications to the panel software and interfaces. The students complete their studies with us in May 2019 and currently will be supported by staff members.

  • Lecturer:Kelvin McGreeghan

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