Eco Green Coffee Bean

We are a group of mechatronic engineering students that aim to create a renewable energy source that uses a common daily waste and recycles it into a useful fuel source to warm your home.

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What we do

The Problem- We are trying to solve is the environmentally damaging disposal of coffee grains  and the need for carbon neutral energy sources.

The Solution- Our company has designed a way of combating this problem

Our Product- Turns used coffee grains from a useless waste material into a useful burnable log. Coffee grains generate 80% more CO2 in landfill and 70% more in Anaerobic digestion than burning

Advantages- Our product reduces greenhouse emissions, landfill and creates a more efficient cost effective fuel source. Coffee logs burn 20% hotter and longer than kiln dried wood.

Existing Products- The current market is led by a company called bio-bean. Their product is a cylindrical coffee log shape with 16logs per bag costing £7.99. Our competitive edge is our free collection services.

Our Concept- Our mould will be created from aluminium as it is the most cost effective material. Costing around £0.35 per kg



  • Founded:Ryan O'Neill, Jason Kerr, Summer Ferguson, Ethan Mcilwain, Joe Luke and Chris Pauley
  • Lecturer:Howard Beggs
  • Contact:Ryan O'Neill
  • Course:Mechatronic Engineering
  • Campus:Lisburn
Eco Green Coffee Bean Image

Open Positions

There are currently no open positions.