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‘Here We Grow’ is a social enterprise run by animal management students from SERC Lisburn who aim to increase awareness of the need for biodiversity and how to promote it.

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What we do

‘Here We Grow’ plans to develop a plot of unused land in the Lisburn campus into a native wildlife ‘hotspot’, in order to promote biodiversity and to create awareness of the need to do so. Our company is driven by the decline of many native bird and invertebrate species caused by the disappearance of animal habitats in towns and cities. Therefore, the group will educate staff and students on how to create wildlife attractions, such as ponds, ‘insect hotels’, and bird feeding stations.

‘Here We Grow’ will also go into schools and businesses to carry out surveys of their unused land in order to determine the current numbers of animals present and to provide ideas on how biodiversity can be improved in that area. We hope to eventually develop and deliver ecological workshops for a fee and to make and sell ‘insect hotels’ and bird feeders.

  • Founded:14/10/19
  • Lecturer:Chris Kernaghan
  • Contact:Chris Kernaghan
  • Course:Level 3 National Extended Diploma Aninal Management
  • Campus:Lisburn
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