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Creative solutions to help those suffering from memory loss and dementia.

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Memory Captures is made up of a group of Health and Social care students, who are passionate and enthusiastic and have created two objects that can help a person suffering from memory loss or conditions that can affect a person’s memory such a dementia.

'Your Life Story' memory book contains a collection of photographs, pictures and descriptions placed in a book to help the person or others to remember a person’s life’s activities or interests. This can be a great aid to stimulating the memories of a person with dementia.

Photos of friends and family members, events in their life, holidays or work can all be included. Making a memory book can be a great way for the person with dementia to recollect their past and present life. When making the book it becomes a great activity.

The persons memories can be shared with friends and family. It’s a great way to help a person with dementia to recollect their memories and stimulate their mind. It also help the person with communication through talking about what’s in the book. 

The team are also looking to bring to the market an innovative bracelet for dementia sufferers.

  • Founded:2020
  • Lecturer:Michelle Rooney
  • Course:Health and Social Care
  • Campus:Newtownards
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