Nature Knots

Nature Knots is a 3D textile products company, using traditional knotted and woven techniques to make macrame textile products. The company incorporates a core value of sustainability.

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What we do

I use traditional knotting and weaving techniques to create macrame textile products.

Environmental sustainability is very important to me and so I try to use reclaimed and recycled materials, limiting plastic use. I hand-weave and knot rope to create 3D hangers for containers and plants. 

I feel that plants add value to our lives and improve mental health. My product is not only a creative way to display plants and other belongings, but is also space-saving, allowing those with limited room to benefit from the invigorating power of plants. 

You can see an example of my product below! All my product packaging is compostable!

  • Founded:Katelyn Kelly
  • Lecturer:Dr Keri-Ann Ross
  • Course:Level 3 Art & Design
  • Campus:Downpatrick
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There are currently no open positions.