The Water Boys

Former applied science students, the Water Boys designed and prototyped a filter to address water pollution. As alumni, The Water Boys are ambassadors for the college's enterprise opportunities, sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

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During their time at SERC, the Water Boys designed and prototyped a low-cost, low-tech solution to the problem of water contaminated by nitrates and phosphates. Their solution was a physical and natural chemical compound filter that removed over 90% of nitrates and phosphates from polluted water.

The students' innovative prototype took them to the overall semi-finals of Catalyst NI's prestigious innovation competition, Invent 2020, and to the competitive student finals. The students also reached the finals of the UK Junior Water Prize 2021 and the finals of ECO-UNESCO's Young Environmentalist Award 2020.

With their wealth of experience and accolades, the students decided to take their project in a new direction after graduating from SERC. They are now interested in sharing their experience and enthusiasm for setting up and developing student companies, and hope to inspire the next generation of students to get the edge.

  • Founded:January 2020
  • Lecturer:Michael Holmes
  • Course:Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in Applied Science
  • Campus:Lisburn
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