Further Education Grants

As a student you may be eligible to receive financial assistance. We have Financial Advisors on hand to offer individual help and guidance.

Students aged 19 or over on 1 July 2019 studying a full time further education course e.g. 90 credit, subsidiary or extended diploma, University Access, Applied A level or NVQ course can apply for a means tested grant from Further Education Grants. You won't repay this grant unless you withdraw from your course. To determine eligibility for this award your previous study, residency and course choice will all be checked. Students undertaking a GCE A level course which does not contain an Applied element (e.g. Sociology or English Literature) cannot receive a Further Education Grants.

Further Education Award
When to Apply

Students should apply for a Further Education Award at the same time as they apply for their course. The closing date for applications is 30th August 2019. However, funding is limited and only those students who have submitted an application by 28 June 2019 will be guaranteed funding for the 2019/2020 academic year.

Contact Information
Further Education Awards Website

Telephone: 028 8225 4546
Website: www.eani.org.uk/feapplication
Email: feawards-wr@eani.gov.uk

Maintenance Grant

A maintenance grant is available to provide support towards living costs. It is assessed on household income. The table below will give you an idea of the amount of grant you may receive.

Household Income Living at Parent's Home Living away from Parent's Home
Up to £21,330 £1,674 £2,092
£21,331 - £26,160 £1,490 £1,863
£26,161 - £31,580 £1,306 £1,633
£31,581 - £38,805 £1,122 £1,402
£38,806 and over No Funding No Funding

The Education Authority will pay the maintenance grant in three instalments, one at the start of each term. The cheque will be released to you by the College, following an attendance check. The College will notify you by email when your cheque is ready for collection.

Childcare Grant

Students aged 20 or over on 1st September 2019 can claim a childcare grant if using registered or approved childcare. Students aged under 20 years of age on 1st September 2019 should apply to the Care to Learn Scheme instead.

The Childcare grant is dependent upon household income. The table below will give you an idea of the support available.

Household Income 1 child 2 or more children
Up to £21,330 £130 £220
£21,331 - £26,160 £110 £118
£26,161 - £31,580 £78 £133
£31,581 - £38,805 £40 £70
£38,806 and over No Funding No Funding

A separate Childcare Application CG1 Form must be completed and can be downloaded from the Further Education Award Website. Childcare costs are paid directly to your Childcare Provider by the Education Authority. If your childcare costs are more than the grant covers you are responsible for the balance.