SERC EXTRA provides students with the support to remain and succeed on their course.

SERC EXTRA provides the link between all the relevant support services at SERC to ensure that you are given the appropriate support to remain and succeed on your course.

We know that there are several reasons such as personal issues, health issues or financial issues which may affect attendance at College. The SERC EXTRA Team will support you and get you back on track.

Learning Support

Health Issues

If you are experiencing any health related issues and you need support we would direct you to your GP, we would also give you a list of internal and external agencies which can help you deal with the issues.

Financial Issues

During your studies with us you may have financial problems. This could be in relation to your course or at home. We can help you through your issue with our student finance officers.

Academic Issues

If you are having problems during your course that are going to affect your studies you can let the college know. We can assist you and work with your tutors so your studies remain unaffected.


Your living circumstances at home may change. We have close contacts with external agencies that can help. If any of your circumstances change whilst at College just let us know.