World Rainforest Day

22nd June 2021

World Rainforest Day

The rainforests are keeping our planet alive.

They’re home to half the world’s animal species, they provide us with freshwater, and are essential for keeping our climate stable.

Yet every second, one and a half hectares is lost, while each year, 78 million hectares of precious rainforest are destroyed.

That’s why World Rainforest Day has been created to take decisive action to combat deforestation, reduce the effects of climate change, and protect our rainforests for future generations.

How to Celebrate World Rainforest Day

This is the perfect opportunity to take the burden off the branches of the rainforest and find ways to help protect the homes of its local wildlife and peoples.

Find an optimistic outlook on preserving the planet by sharing on your social media and blogging about how you can save the rainforest.

You might get involved by donating or raising awareness of charities like the Rainforest Partnership, or participating in virtual events and networks.  

You can even host a rainforest awareness day yourself by arranging an event that highlights the cause or contributes towards a rainforest protection charity.

If you’re not a fan of organising events, why not participate in a sponsored run, climb, trek, or even walk to raise funds? You can also search for registered tree planting charities, where you can sponsor the planting of a tree to give back to the rainforest.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to make a lifestyle change, this day is also the chance to make eco-friendly choices to help save the future of our rainforest.

For instance, deforestation due to agriculture is a big part of the rainforest reduction.

Why not work to reduce your food waste by making sure you’re only purchasing and using what you need?

Buying goods from ethical companies that donate to the environment is also a sure-fire way to ensure its protection. 

Helping your local wildlife is also an excellent way to sustain global biodiversity, and even help some migrating birds on their way home.

Plant insect-attracting flowers in your garden or balcony to share some love with our feathered friends as they fly back to their tropical climate.

This day is the perfect opportunity to take many small steps or host one big event to show our appreciation for our rainforest.  

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