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Life at college is so much more than just sitting in a classroom, with incredible facilities, fantastic support and some amazing activities right on your doorstep. Hear what our students have had to say...

Caroline Hamilton

Caroline Hamilton

“I can honestly say my time at SERC has been a wonderful experience. The course is fantastic, the teachers are great and the theory you learn sets out a great foundation for the working environment. I have made lots of new friends and everyone sticks together especially at break times, we bond well as a group."  

“The course is a two-year apprenticeship which involves attending classes one day per week which is a fantastic option as you can gain your qualification, learn on the job and also get paid.” 

“This qualification will allow me to become a qualified Pharmacy Technician. My goal is to work within a clinical setting at ward level in order to interact more with patients and ensure that they have everything that they need by completing a daily ward round.

"There are so many possibilities once qualified, such as working in a community setting, hospital setting, working in prisons, and more. Teaching and assessing future students would be my ultimate goal, once I have enough experience.”   

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