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Holly Porter

Holly Porter

"I have always been a very creative person and really wanted to explore this side of my personality. From spending time at SERC previously, I already knew it was a great place to learn, and after getting advice from the college, the Hair and Media Makeup course at the Bangor campus ticked all the right boxes for me. I have been on the course since September 2022, and I can honestly say I have loved it so far.”

“I think the course really suits me because I have had great opportunities to showcase my creativity, particularly in the makeup parts of the course which is my preferred area of study. At the moment, my class are working towards an inter-campus competition, and I am creating a mermaid inspired look to showcase, which has been so much fun and has meant experimenting with different techniques. I love the practical side of the course and getting to learn by doing things, rather than just being told how to do something, which helps me get that extra level of experience I need for the future. Another area of the course I have enjoyed and has enabled me to develop new skills, is getting to do hair and blow-drying on members of the public, who trust me to practice my work. My two lecturers, Judith Magill and Lynn Hamil-Fitzpatrick have been fantastic in teaching me the ropes, and always offer a great level of support.”

“My advice for anyone who is interested in this course would be to definitely go for it. This course has been a great choice for me, and I have benefitted so much from gaining valuable practical skills which will help me secure a job in the future. The support systems at SERC are amazing, the atmosphere on campus is very relaxed, and I have been treated like an adult which has added to my experience being a great one.”

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