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Life at college is so much more than just sitting in a classroom, with incredible facilities, fantastic support and some amazing activities right on your doorstep. Hear what our students have had to say...

Rhys Gray

Rhys Gray

“After I finished my GCSEs, I decided to look into alternative options from A Levels, as I wanted to gain hands-on experience in music performance and production. I felt that A Levels weren’t the right option for me because they had a specific academic focus, and I wanted to expand on my existing practical skills and interest in music. The course in Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Music at SERC really stood out to me and I decided to enrol.”

"My time on my course really exceeded my expectations in helping me develop new skills and techniques in many areas of music production. There was always fantastic support from the tutors who had lots of industry experience to guide me along the way. They were always willing to take the time to work closely with me when I needed help. Studying in Lisburn was great for me because it was close to home, and I most enjoyed being able to work collaboratively with my peers in a relaxed environment, using the skills that we learnt throughout the course to produce a final product which I can show to future employers to showcase the expertise I have gained.”

“SERC has been a great steppingstone in helping me gain valuable knowledge and practical experience. From doing my course at SERC, it has helped me secure a place at university in Computer Programming. I would highly recommend SERC to other potential students who don’t want to go down the A level route, because the college has a lot of great course options to pick from and a great base of well-informed staff to help you reach your personal goals.”

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