Victoria Craig

Victoria Craig

"One day I spotted the Access course advertised in a SERC newsletter - the course was free and there was a newly opened creche attached to the Newcastle campus, so I went along to an Open Day for more information at the Newcastle Campus. Although I was very nervous, the tutors made the day relaxed. I was encouraged that, even as a mature student who had not studied in over 25 years, I should have no concerns regarding my abilities, as I would be supported throughout the course."

“I studied Psychology, Sociology, English Literature, Biology and Maths as part of the Access course. There was also the opportunity to do GCSE Maths or English, so I did Maths in my second year. There were also many different things to get involved in at SERC and I signed up to become a STEM ambassador. This meant that I was able to carry out the Coast Watch Beach Survey with my biology tutor, which was something that my whole family enjoyed.”  

“My success on the course and progression is testament to the support and encouragement I received at SERC. It is hard to describe what I enjoyed most about my experience at the College - I loved every minute of it, right from the beginning. The crèche facilities meant I could study without any concerns regarding my younger children, as the staff were excellent, and the children loved attending.”   

“I also loved the subjects I studied too. After being labelled “not academic” as a young person, SERC taught me, with support and hard work, that I was more capable than I was ever led to believe. I love the confidence that I have gained from the positive atmosphere within SERC, from not only my tutors, but from all the staff and students. The feeling that everyone wants you to succeed and achieve goes a long way in making you believe in yourself.”      

“So here I am, now preparing to start a degree in English and Sociology at Queen’s University Belfast. I carried the idea of going to university with me for years.  But taking that first step in through the doors of SERC made it achievable. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of what they could have achieved - if they had had the opportunity - to take that first step back into education with Restart or Access.”  

“Whilst my two years at SERC have enabled me to enrol at university, it has also allowed me to meet wonderful people who have supported and steered me in the right direction, and I have been left with only good memories of my time there.”